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Alfalfa / Luzerne Bio 250g Seeds to sprout

Product#: 0010
CHF 9.50

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Alfalfa sprouts: small plants with a big effect.
Alfalfa sprouts are full of essential amino acids, secondary plant compounds, vitamins and minerals. It is therefore not surprising that their Arabic name translates as "father of all food". Would you also like to benefit from the active ingredients of these young plants? With us you get Alfalfa seeds from Italy to grow yourself in organic quality.

Packed with so much green power, alfalfa has a preventive effect on health and thus well-being. Just 100 grams - equivalent to about two handfuls - cover the recommended daily requirement of essential substances. Alfalfa sprouts extraordinarily quickly and abundantly. The green powerhouses are particularly good in salads, as a topping for curries and pasta, green smoothies, in sandwiches and snacks for schoolchildren. But the tender little plants are also a real treat on their own and are eaten with pleasure by children!

Let it grow: Germinate sprouts properly
To draw the full potential from alfalfa, not only the quality of the seeds, but also the germination method is crucial. The sprouting jars that you can purchase in our online store offer the tender sprouts enough space to sprout, are easy to clean, do not scratch and, on top of that, are equipped with a food certification. Ideally suited, therefore, for a successful "harvest" in your own four walls!

Order alfalfa and sprouts jar now
Convince yourself! And if you are not satisfied with our product, we will gladly refund 110 percent of the purchase price. Sounds good? So what are you waiting for? Order your alfalfa seeds and sprouting jars today so you can enjoy fresh, homegrown sprouts in just a few days.

Even more in the mood for conscious? Our tip: psyllium seeds. Soaked overnight in water, they are the tasty plus in fiber that promotes digestion and can thus help prevent diet-related intestinal diseases. Many prefer to take them during Lent, but it is recommended to integrate psyllium firmly into one's diet. Also try it out - especially as a muesli topping they are unbeatable!