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Inner balance

In order to maintain balance, we must find the right “fuel” to help our cells on a physical level. Where can we find this? Sprouts! Let's grow sprouts because they are colorful, just like life. They are full of vitality and liveliness and thus promote inner balance. Sprouts have a harmonizing alkaline effect on our bodies and souls, making way for a more balanced life, inwardly and outwardly. How sprouts can help you with inner balance ... more

If I love myself, I can also love, respect and help everything around me.

The Thieves of Balance

Why do we allow our right to inner peace and balance to be stolen from us? Here, all of mankind agrees: stress.

Stress in all its forms, disguised as hectic pace, busy schedules, too many leisure activities, raising children, work, school, and training. Yes, all of that can be great and give you a lot of energy. But physiologically, these activities also consume energy.

So we should just as regularly refuel - mentally and physically. Supporting the body with sprouts is not only one of the most effective, but also one of the most delicious methods to get back into balance.

Counter stress with a smile and sprouts

Sprouts and seedlings are the "super fuel" for our bodies and thus our well-being. Nature offers such a wide range of different seedlings that everyone can find their favorite sprout. Sprouts help us to achieve inner balance with their contantly growing energy, which is unique in nature. They are still growing while we eat them. It is precisely this emerging life force that we absorb when we eat the sprouts. And how is the joy of life expressed more clearly than in a broad, honest smile? Take a look around at the sprout family. You will see how many wonderfully smiling faces you will discover. Is yours one of them?

Gives light to your cells so that you too will emit light

The chlorophyll (green pigment of plants) in green sprouts is like liquid light. It is formed in the cotyledon through photosynthesis and thus brings this light directly into our bodies. Light now shines out from within. Let us light up the world with the power of sprouts!

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