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Emergency supply pack with seeds

We at Sprossensamen.ch are not preparing for a crisis. This post is intended to raise awareness.

Vegetable shortage in Switzerland-- and how easily it becomes a "vegetable crisis"

Solutions are always available! (messages in July 2021)

Fun fact: In Chinese, "crisis" is translated as chance and opportunity. In Greek "krisis", referrs to a climax or turning point of a dangerous situation. From then on it can only get better.

What a strange summer so far, don't you think? The sun shines in streams and entire stretches of landscape are quickly transformed into snowy landscapes because of the massive hailstorms. For some, this is a beautiful treat for our eyes, but for farmers and vegetable producers, it is a fiasco. Compared to the hot summer of 2018, the water supply is good this year, but too much of a good thing is never good. Schweizererbauer writes about bottlenecks in the supply chain of Swiss vegetables, which will probably continue into spring. Spanish vegetables with long transport routes from plastic tunnel landscapes like Almaria are also not a realistic, healthy alternative. The supply of vitamins can become scarce, which is essential in the coming autumn with the flu season and other viruses; Keyword vitamin C *.

This extreme weather reminds us of how little it takes for a “Swiss vegetable shortage” and how essential supplies are to us Swiss. We are grateful to have such well developed agricultural infrastructure, because many other countries do not have it. We get carbohydrates, fats, proteins from everywhere. But vitamins and trace elements, secondary plant substances and enzymes are often only available regionally because harvested vegetables are quickly perishable, lose vitamin C, essential oils, or organic compounds such as sulfur.

But other phenomena such as the hacker attack on the Swedish chain "Coop" or shortages in delivering goods from China can suddenly lead to changes, like empty shelves in stores.

For us, it's not about panic at all, but rather about raising awareness that bulging shelves are not a matter of course at all. I still remember with a smile the storm on toilet paper rolls in spring 2020; the shelves were empty! 1-2 generations without a real crisis and Switzerland appears as a safe haven. We find that those who can provide themselves with food-- that is, proteins, healthy fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins - have a clear advantage.

Despite all the optimism, it is beneficial to take some precaution and have the knowledge. In Switzerland we have insurance for almost everything, but not many people have effective food supplies at home.

And now for the sprouts. In addition to all the other advantages, such as ingredients, freshness, enzymes, which we write about in our newsletters, sprout seeds can be stored for years . They hardly take up any space and within a few days they can be used to produce foods with medicinal quality. Isn't that the ultimate in crisis prevention?

Red clover supports hormonal balance, a sprouted protein-rich lentil chickpea spread (hummus), sprouted buckwheat in bread, muesli or as a salad, antiviral radish and daikon radish sprouts and so many more. Did you know that 2-3 heaped tablespoons of alfalfa seeds can produce up to 3 liters of the freshest salad sprouts within 7 days? Because they are intact, you will not lose their nutrients even if they are stored in the refrigerator for 14 days. Even the freshest organic garden salad cannot do that. In addition, all of our sprouts can also be eaten raw and take care of you and your family even in the event of a power failure.

Our grandparents also took precautions by canning, pickling and drying. Even without a refrigerator, steamer and freezer, they would have survived well in an emergency. We can do this too, in every house, in every apartment with or without a balcony or cellar. All we need is a sprouting jar, water and a few sprouts. Whether in a freshly sprouted lentil salad with plums, early apples, apricots or tomatoes in summer or a broccoli sprout soup on cold November days, sprouts always work. Seeds are a symbol of a new beginning, and they every crisis into an opportunity.

* Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that our body cannot produce itself and must therefore be supplied through our food. The water-soluble vitamin C is responsible for the availability of copper, the production of collagen, the breakdown of cholesterol and the protection of vitamin E (e.g. in the visual process) and folic acid (e.g. during pregnancy). In addition, with its antioxidant effect, it buffers the harmful effects of stress, environmental toxins, UV radiation, electrosmog and highly processed foods. In the case of vitamin C, the natural form (as it occurs in green plants, sprouts and fruits) is definitely preferable to the synthetically produced ascorbic acid.

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