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Draw the sprouts yourself

This is how it works!

Step-by-step instructions for pulling sprouts

This is how you grow sprouts of the highest quality

The debris removal bath

These 3 tips will keep your sprouts fresh for up to 2 weeks!

Sprossen selber ziehen - Anleitung

This trick makes a noticeable difference!

Buy a germinating jar and start pulling the bars right away

See for yourself and benefit from the money-back guarantee on our systems. Do something good for your well-being and sprout yourself healthy. Everything you need for this can be found in the online shop of sprossensamen.ch. Order a high-quality sprout jar here, which will accompany you throughout your life, as well as seeds and you can start pulling. Soak the seeds in your new germinating jar with water overnight. The next day, simply pour off the liquid and put the glass in a bright place (please not in direct sunlight). After just one to six days - depending on the type of sprout - the small power plants are ready to be eaten.

A few delicious sprout ideas

A sprout roll for breakfast or a healthy roll for school for the children, a sprout salad for lunch, a green smoothie for in between and you will provide your body with freshness. Only absolutely fresh z. B. Enzymes, which are important for our body. Our tip: Eat more food instead of food from today.

Good reasons to grow sprouts yourself in the glass

Small but powerful: sprouts are full of important vitamins, enzymes, proteins and secondary plant substances. No wonder that these little plants, inconspicuous at first glance, are conquering more and more kitchens around the world as a trendy superfood. Have you also read about the health benefits of fresh sprouts and now want to incorporate them into your nutrition plan? We recommend that you grow your sprouts yourself - for a very simple reason: Your organism benefits most from the constructive and life-promoting energy that is in the green powerhouses when you grow sprouts from the highest Consume quality. In addition, home-grown sprouts have a much more intense taste than industrially grown specimens. And finally, the taste also depends on the ingredients. Self-grown sprouts are spared the whole procedure of storage and transport as well as the influences of the cold chain, which has a positive effect on the vitality and vitality of the plants. So: Do ​​It Yourself!

Why you should best grow sprouts in our glass

"What is the best way to grow sprouts yourself?" - is this question hanging over your head right now? There are many options. Hardly anyone who does not also know the classic cress pulling on cotton wool, for example. However, the best results cannot be achieved with either a sprout tower or a germination tray. A sprout jar is the best choice for optimal growth and thus the best possible nutrient density of the delicate plants. See why for yourself:

Glass versus germination trays / BioSnacky

The big difference is that sprouts that are grown in the glass form a single root, while those that thrive in the sprout tower or in tier systems develop several roots. This root network usually has to be cut away. Why? Because the humid, warm and stagnant climate that prevails in tier systems has a negative impact on the quality and taste of the sprouts. Not so with our germ jars!

Our germinator made of glass has the advantage over germination trays and shelves that the sprouts can be completely washed very easily in the glass. This enables us to achieve excellent quality and full taste. Sprouts that are grown in our germinating jar can therefore be eaten whole. No loss of the plants means more plant power for you! If the sprouts are ready after three to seven days (depending on the variety), they can - thanks to their high quality - be stored in the refrigerator for a good week to ten days.

The lens size brings success: (FAQ)

It is not by chance that we recommend and use particularly large jars for growing sprouts. For top quality, it is essential that the sprouts have enough space to grow at all times. Thanks to the size of our glasses, the sprouts get enough air and, as I said, can be washed perfectly. This gives them a particularly appetizing, deep green color (chlorophyll formation). Lentils, mung beans and chickpeas can be grown with glasses smaller than 1.20 liters. However, if you want to grow green sprouts such as alfalfa, radishes and the like, you can achieve a completely different sprout quality with a 1.70 liter glass than with 1.20 liters.

Another advantage of our germination devices: You can grow a large number of sprouts. This enables you to eat a handful of sprouts every day until the next ones are pulled again. And the more sprouts, the better for you! This means that something arrives in the body cells due to the amount. So if you prefer your sprouts to be green, large and full of flavor, you will be delighted by our large sprouting jars. It's worth it!

Sprouting glass from sprossensamen.ch

Do you fancy sprouts full of flavor and full of valuable vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances? Then you should preferably let your sprouts grow in our germinating jar. In contrast to other germination systems such as a tower or bowl, a sprout jar offers a number of significant advantages that have a positive effect on the growth of the plants and thus also their content of vital substances. So if you want top quality sprouts, you should take a closer look at our high-quality sprouting jars.

The advantages for you as a customer:

  • The sprouts need space to germinate, so the size of a corresponding germinating jar makes all the difference. Our glasses offer the sprouts enough space to sprout. You can also use our smaller glasses (1.70 and 3.10 liters) for lentils, chickpeas, buckwheat and lentils.
  • Shelf life of the sprouts in the refrigerator: one week to ten days
  • Thanks to its size, you can eat a handful of sprouts every day. Your health will thank you.
  • cleaning? Put it in the dishwasher if you like
  • Stand in stainless steel included
  • first-class materials (entire system made of glass and stainless steel)
  • Glass stays beautiful (compared to plastic)
  • Glass with food certification
  • modern design
  • acid and heat resistant
  • hygienic and clean
  • ecological and sustainable - no petroleum products, no plasticizers or other questionable substances (as with plastic).

In short: a sprout glass from our online shop is a sensible purchase for life!

And how does that work with the glass bars?

Handling a sprout jar is very easy: Soak sprout seeds of your choice with plenty of fresh water - preferably overnight. The next day you only need to pour off the water and put the glass - positioned on the stainless steel device - in a bright place. Rinse the sprouts briefly with water in the morning and evening. Now you have to wait until the delicate seeds start to sprout. In a few days you can enrich your dishes with tasty, fresh sprouts or simply enjoy them as a snack. This is how easy it is to supply your body with valuable vital substances!