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It is no coincidence that our glasses are the largest glasses available. For top quality sprouts, it is important that the sprouts have enough space to grow at all times. Thanks to the size of the glass, the sprouts get enough air and can be washed perfectly. This way the sprouts also turn green (chlorophyll formation). Jars smaller than 1.20 liters can be used for lentils, mung beans and chickpeas. If the sprouts are allowed to develop beautifully green, large and have a good taste, you will be amazed by our sizes. It is worth it ..

Another advantage of our glass germinators is that they can grow a fair amount of sprouts. If the sprouts are ready after 3 - 7 days (depending on the variety), they can - thanks to the high quality of the sprouts - be stored in the refrigerator for a good week to ten days.

Example: Two tablespoons of alfalfa sprouts with one teaspoon of arugula seeds make a glass full of sprouts. This enables you to eat a handful of sprouts every day until the next sprouts are grown.

A sprout roll for breakfast, or a healthy roll at school for the children, a sprout salad for lunch, a green smoothie for in between and you will provide your body with freshness. Only absolutely fresh z. B. Enzymes, which are important for our body. Try to eat as fresh as possible if possible. Of course, you can also put fewer seeds in the jar.

Three ways to eat fresh:

  1. Your own garden so that you can get the vegetables fresh.
  2. Consumption of «wild plants», such as B. dandelion, ribwort, yarrow, chickweed ...
  3. Sprouts (with sprouts it is very easy to eat 6, 7, 8 different vegetables per day). Every sprout tastes different because every plant has different ingredients.

P.S .: This size of the seed glass is important for it to work perfectly.

Buy a germinating jar & gt;

Here you can find the dimensional drawing of our germination jars.

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Pierre Jaques Antoine Béchamp

(* October 16, 1816 in Bassing; † April 15, 1908 in Paris)
was a French physician, biologist and pharmacologist.

..... On deathbed, Pasteur said of the Bechamp theory: "The microbe is nothing, the milieu is everything", which means that a better foundation can be created by regulating the milieu can, so that no bacteria, germs can develop. A "war" against the bacteria, viruses and antibiotics, can on the one hand cause resistance and on the other hand they do not work at all against viruses.

Pasteur had a contemporary who refuted his teaching. His name was Antoine Bechamp. As a doctor and scientist, Bechamp was one of the most outstanding researchers of the 19th century. Bechamp taught, in agreement with Hippocrates, that diseases arise in us through us. He did not see germs as something separate, hostile, coming from outside, but as a prerequisite for all life. In Pasteur's time, science believed that life was tied to cells. Because the cell multiplies through separation, it was assumed that each cell emerged from a different one.

Two questions remained unanswered:

Where did the first cell come from and how did the various plant, animal and human life forms develop from one cell? There was no answer to that.

Bechamp's research showed the way out of a dead end. First he rejected the idea of ​​the cell as the smallest unit of life. Rather, he taught, the cell itself is composed of living units. He called the building blocks of the cell micro-enzymes. That means: microscopic fermentation organisms. They are the seeds of life. Life germs form the cell, but are not bound to it.

Germs are the smallest unit of life. They work in all areas of life. They take care of the cycle of substances or, as Bechamp put it: "Microzymes organize matter". They are constantly on the move. They form the breeding ground from which the various forms of life emerge and to which they return.

No life without germs!

From emergence to death, germs of life belong to the human organism. They form the cells, take care of the metabolic processes and dissolve the cells again when they die. Germs build the organism, maintain it and cause it to decompose. If man has become "dust", they continue to animate the earth. New forms of existence arise and pass. The germs of life are immortal.

Bechamp repeatedly pointed out that organisms are not germ-free, as Pasteur claims. Germs do not have a fixed character. They are not monoform (shaped), but polyorm (multiform). Germs do not behave arbitrarily, but according to law. Their reproduction is by no means "uncontrolled", as medicine, based on Pasteur, still wants today.

Pasteur's theory that certain germs are by their original nature hostile and always ready to attack organisms from the air , described Bechamp as "monstrous". This led to the assumption that illness is fate. But as much as Bechamp tried to clarify, the world had no use for his findings. He met with rejection from church, state and science.

On deathbed, Pasteur said of the Bechamp theory "The microbe is nothing, the environment is everything", < / strong> which means that milieu regulation can be used to create a better foundation so that bacteria and germs cannot develop. A "war" against the bacteria, viruses with antibiotics, can on the one hand cause resistance and on the other hand they do not work at all against viruses.

Source: http://www.pro-natura.info/index.php/pasteur-bechamp-br-sub-die-gegenspieler

youtube.com - Video: The microbe is nothing, the environment is everything!

The big difference is that sprouts grown in the glass form a single root. Rungs pulled in the rung tower / storey form a lot of small roots. A network of roots is created in the floors. In the case of floors, the lower part of the root is often cut away because the quality is not of very high quality. In our germination jars, the whole sprout is eaten. Humid, warm & amp; standing climate does not positively affect the quality & amp; the taste of the sprouts. Our glass germinator has the advantage over germination trays and shelves that the sprouts can be completely washed in the glass very easily. </ o: p>

Thanks to the germ glass we achieve a super sprout quality. The sprouts can be stored in the refrigerator for a week to 10 days. </ o: p>

Buy a germinating jar & gt;

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As standard, we send the parcels for you via Economy and climate neutral. We will cover the additional costs for you.

We also send priority if you wish.

The difference between Economy and Prio is as follows: With Economy, the parcels are often transported over long distances by rail. Long distances are made by truck with Prio. Decide for yourself whether you want to have the products with you today or tomorrow.

Sometimes things have to be done quickly, e. B. for a birthday present: Call me if it is important that you have your products with you the next day. Tel. 076 406 72 71 (Marco Vonmoos)

«Off the post!»

Buy a germinating jar & gt;

I put my bars in a nice, bright place in the entrance area.

No direct sunlight for the sprouts. A little light is enough for the sprouts so that they can turn nice and green. Some restaurants even pull the rungs in artificial light.

Thanks to the elegant design, many of our customers pull the rungs in the living room or restaurants in the customer area.

Our customers find places everywhere, because with the sprouts they can do something good for their health in a very simple way. What our body needs, among other things, are fresh, green foods to stay healthy.

P.S .: Anyone who wants to use the power of the rungs will find space everywhere. Convince yourself of sprossensamen.ch, z. B. at a fair or at a market. You can find the next dates here & gt;

Buy a germinating jar & gt;

With our sprout glass you can draw sprouts in top quality.
</ p>

Once the sprouts have grown, you can store them in the refrigerator for a week to 10 days and enjoy them fresh every day. Store in a household jar with a lid and kitchen paper.

Buy a germinating jar & gt;

So that the sprouts can form the green (chlorophyll), the sprouts need brightness. No direct sun. Some restaurants pull the sprouts in the kitchen with artificial light.

Buy a germinating jar & gt;

With 250g alfalfa seeds you get about 2.5kg of fresh sprouts for 9.50 Fr.! Pull your sprouts yourself, because that way you get top quality and save a lot of money.

Buy a germinating jar & gt;

You are welcome to clean all parts of our system in the dishwasher. (Jar, sieve, lid, stand)

PS: We often only clean the glass with a kitchen cloth. Mostly only with water. Let the jar dry clean & amp; soak the next rungs straight away.


Questions about our seeds

We attach great importance to the excellent germination quality of our seeds.

Because only high quality seeds produce high quality, beautiful sprouts.

Should we not meet your expectations despite the greatest care, please contact us to let us know.

All of our seeds are marked with a lot number (lot no.) on the back of the bag.

Please tell us the lot no. with and we will replace the sprout seeds for you.

Thank you very much for your trust.


Did you know that it is precisely the shelf life of seeds that makes seeds the ideal emergency supply?

Sprout seeds can be stored for years! A dry, cool place protected from light is ideal for ensuring this. (ideally 10 ° C, also works well at 20 ° C).

You can still use the seeds and enjoy sprouts even years after our best-before date.

The exception with this extensive shelf life are the leek and onion seeds. These are much more suitable for sprouting than for storage as they lose their germination quality after about 2 years.

Our seeds are checked for bacteria. This has been a legal requirement since the incident years ago when a farmer wore the same clothes for feeding animals as for producing fresh sprouts for sale.

How great is it that we can simply grow our sprouts ourselves! This saves your wallet and health.

Go right ahead and mix the seeds yourself. On our packaging, you will find the approximate germination time of the individual sprouts.

It is best if you germinate seeds together that have approximately the same germination time. You are also welcome to start with our seed mixtures to find out what is perfect in terms of taste and dressing.

As an example, it makes no sense to mix buckwheat (2-3 days) with leeks (9 days).

But red clover (5-6 days) with radishes (4-6 days) works wonderfully.

Enjoy being creative!

Life is better colorful.

A huge gift from nature. So you get 2.5kg alfalfa fresh sprouts for CHF 9.50! Nice!

The concentrated primal power of the plant lies in the seed. As soon as these are activated, enzymes, minerals and trace elements are found in the sprouts in a hundredfold increased. Let us use these vitality-giving power packs. In this way, our bodies are optimally cared for and are capable of top performance in the physical and mental areas. Enjoy this power to the fullest!

Quality Guaranteed!

With our Biosprosser sprouting jars, you can be sure that we use pure, environmentally friendly materials. 100% certified food-safe glass and 100% stainless steel. The rubber feet of the stand are the only exception. But where the sprouts are grown, the jars are completely plastic-free and aluminum-free!

So that the sprouts stay as pure as nature created them!

If you are not completely satisfied with our sprouting jars, you will get not only 100, but 110 percent of the purchase price back! Get started with your very own sprouts today. These jars are a worthy investment because they enable you to achieve the best quality of sprouts.

The following applies to every single organic sprouting jar: 0% aluminum.

Not in the lid, the sieve, or the stand! Aluminum not only pollutes our environment, but also our bodies.


The same applies to every single organic sprouting jar: 0% plastic in the area of ​​the sprouts.

Plastic is not only dangerous for human health and nature through its production, but also in its "recycling", which is often simply not possible. We do not want to support this industry, so we rely on 100% stainless steel for our Biosprosser sprouting jar system. The rubber feet on the stands are the sole exception. As we see it, plastic has no place in the area of ​​the sprouts, as plastic contains plasticizers, which are released over time and could contaminate the sprouts. This way, we protect you from that.




Sprout seeds undergo mandatory microbial quality controls.

The sprout seeds that you get from us all undergo regular, mandatory microbial quality controls. In this way we ensure that the seeds are suitable for sprout cultivation and free from undesirable bacteria.

In addition, the seeds are tested for their biological purity. This enables us to guarantee that the seeds are free from pesticides. We are certified by bio.inspecta - CH-BIO-006

All of our seeds come from organic farming. We are certified organic (CH-Bio-006). We work with organic farmers from Switzerland and Italy. This is because the climate in northern Italy is ideal for seed reproduction. Long, dry, sunny days during harvest season produce the highest quality seeds.

As is standard, we send our packages to you via Economy and "Climate Neutral". We will cover the additional costs for you.

We can also deliver Priority if you wish.

Difference between "Economy" and "Priority" on the climate:

  • With Economy, the parcels are often transported by train over long distances.
  • With Priority, the long distances are made by truck. Decide for yourself whether you want the products with you today or tomorrow.

Sometimes things have to be done quickly, such as for a birthday present. Let us know if it is important for you to have your products with you by the next day. Tel. 076 406 72 71

Questions about our jars

What makes our Biosprosser sprouting jars unique compared to other sprouting jars:

0% aluminum

0% plastic

0% rubber

100% stainless steel

100% sustainable

100% best size

Sprouting jar vs. sprouting tower

We support sprouting jars. The big difference is that sprouts grown in jars form a single root. Sprouts grown in the sprouting tower form a lot of small roots. A carpet of roots is created on the floors. In the end, the lower part of the root is often cut away because the quality is not very good. In addition, waterlogging often forms in the root network in the tower, which creates an optimal climate for fungi and bacteria.

With our Biosprosser sprouting jars, the whole sprout is eaten. The special size of the organic sprouts creates an optimal microclimate in the glass. You can see and taste this! Thanks to the special Biosprosser sprouting jar, we achieve the best sprout quality.

The sprouts can be stored in the refrigerator for 7 to 10 days.

In these videos, you will learn how to easily grow sprouts and how to best store them:


It is no coincidence that our jars are the largest sprout glasses available.

For top quality sprouts, it is essential that they ...

1. ... have enough air and indirect sunlight  at all times.

Thanks to the size of the jars, all sprouts get enough air and light. This is the only way for the sprouts to turn lush green and form vitalizing, invigorating chlorophyll.

2. ... be rinsed twice a day.

Because we use pure stainless steel parts in our system, it is super stable and easy to use on a daily basis. The round shape of the glasses creates a "washing machine effect" when washing, which washes every single sprout excellently. This ensures that no fungi or bacteria can colonize your beautiful sprouts.

3. ... always have sufficient space to grow.

The size and shape of our germinators is completely unique. We want you to be able to grow a large number of sprouts yourself at home in no time at all. If the sprouts are ready after 3 - 7 days (depending on the variety), they can - thanks to the high quality of the sprouts - be stored in the refrigerator for a good week, up to ten days.

This gives you the advantage that you can pamper your body with a nice handful of sprouts every day. Not only can we use sprouts decoratively on salads, but we also suggest eating a pure sprout salad for lunch or a sprout sandwich for a morning snack. True to the motto: Only life creates life!

Not all glass is the same. There can be significant differences in quality and, above all, in the degree of purity. Our glass is certified and approved for food. Not every glass that can be sold over the counter has this purity standard. Please pay attention to this degree of purity, for the sake of your health.

Growing sprouts is super easy with the Biosprosser. We have recorded a video for you, which is a step-by-step guide to sprouting. You can find the video here:

Here you can find the measurements of the sprouting systems:

The stands are easily put together using stand connectors. They can be extended as required!

Do you need further information? Just write us an e-mail:

Unterteller Sprossenglas


The saucers are still in production. As soon as the saucers are available, you will be notified via our newsletter.

Until then or beyond, you can simply slide a coffee cup saucer under the stand.

This saves resources.


You can wash all parts of the sprouting jars in the dishwasher.

PS: For me personally, I wash the glasses briefly by hand. Mostly without detergent. The sprouts thrive wonderfully. You are free to boil the sieve and lid in a pan for a few minutes if you wish.

All the best,


Questions about our sprouts

You can keep clean sprouts in the refrigerator for 1 - 2 weeks. Here you can find a video with 3 tips  for optimal storage of sprouts.

Fortunately, they don't! Why? Because sprouts are never cut off from the growing process. It is different when you buy a salad in the supermarket. From the point at which the lettuce is cut, it goes into a degrading process. But with sprouts, even on your plate they are still growing. When something is alive, the enzymes are still active. As a reminder: the fresher a food is, the more light it can transmit to us. After all, we are neither carnivors nor vegetarians, we are light mammals!

The effort is the same whether you grow many sprouts or just a few sprouts at once. The benefit of having a lot of sprouts is that you can eat a nice handful of sprouts every day, whether in a sandwich, as a sprout salad, in a smoothie, or as a muesli for breakfast. We recommend that you eat a good amount of sprouts every day so that the ingredients reach the body and you can feel the effect. Try it out!

In AngelikA Fürstler's book you will read that she recommends not to eat alfalfa sprouts under any circumstances before the 7th day, as the plant toxin canabanin must first be completely broken down.

I have seen for myself that alfalfa forms a firm green wall and the cotyledons are open and no longer wrapped in the shell. Often times, the given germination period is not very precise, as temperature also plays a major role in the development of sprouts. If I have temperatures below 20 ° C in the kitchen, I often need 1-2 days longer to draw than at higher temperatures in summer. If you were to grow sprouts at 6 ° C as an example, the sprouts will not have developed at all after 7 days.

Sometimes, already after 5 days the alfalfa sprouts have grown large and need space to develop properly. This is one reason why we only use large jars.

You are welcome to soak alfalfa for 7 days.

Questions about growing the sprouts

1. An optimal environment. Since our sprout jars are large, the sprouts have enough space to grow wonderfully.

2. Germinable seeds from organic agriculture

3. Rinse your sprouts twice a day for 30 seconds

(4th tip: lots of love, the sprouts will grow even better!)

New customers often start with our starter kits and various seeds so that they can alternate the seeds and ingredients.

A bright place, but without direct sunlight, with a temperature of 18 ° - 26 ° C! (ideally 21 ° C)

The water can make a minimal difference in the taste of the finished sprouts. Some sprout lovers therefore plant their seeds with filtered or energized water. However, this is not necessary. Growing sprouts in the Biosprosser is super feasible if you use tap water for soaking and rinsing. With the high quality of the tap water in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, this is completely sufficient.

To be honest, even I don't know which seeds are light or dark sprouts! What I can say is that I couldn't tell a difference whether I started sprout growing during the day or in the evening.

Both work very well. Try it out.


Questions about the order - shipping - pick-up

You will receive an order confirmation by email after shopping in the online shop. As soon as your products are shipped, you will also receive a shipping confirmation by email.

We have a tracking code for every parcel in our warehouse. If your delivery is on route for more than 1 week, please let us know so that we can find the tracking code for you. We are working to ensure that the code will be delivered automatically in the future.

All letters and parcels are climate-neutral. The CO 2 compensation of the Swiss Post works with climate protection projects of the highest quality in Switzerland and abroad.

Thank you very much for your order.

You will receive a pick-up confirmation email from us with all details when the products are ready for pick-up. We take the liberty of sending an invoice or delivery note to you.

From a shopping cart value of CHF 100.- , shipping is free. 

Questions about payment

Yes, of course, PayPal is also possible.

Yes, you can simply pay via PayPal or by invoice.

Mistakes Happen - How We Fix Them

Thank you for your understanding. We're all human, and mistakes sometimes happen.

Please contact us by email at info@sprossensamen.ch and explain your concerns to us. We will find a solution.

We have a tracking code for every parcel in our warehouse. If your delivery is on route for more than 1 week, please let us know and we will track the package for you.

The best way to contact us is by email: info@sprossensamen.ch

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